Chile & Argentina Trip

Polski / English

Our adventure with South America we began in Chile, where we spent two weeks. Later we went to Argentina for the next three weeks. chile argentina map and flagDecember and January are the beginning of summer in the area so the weather was perfect :). These countries are offering amazing scenery. Numerous of  deserts, semi-deserts, salt flats, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, islands, lakes – in a word everything the heart desires. This is undoubtedly a paradise for travelers!

Traveling in Chile and Argentina from north to south You must be prepared for different weather conditions. These countries are spread for 4 climate zones. You should take some warm and rainproof clothing. In the central part of the country is a mediterranean climate so it’s sunny weather but further south is getting cooler – anyway still so beautiful!

When travelling to Chile / Argentina it is worth to know Spanish language. If you want to rely only on English, You gonna have a surprise as only You go beyond the boundaries of the capital! Without knowing spanish you will have to use body language or creativity 🙂

Instead of an expensive restaurant for tourist, try to find a places where the local people eat and try local dishes. The food is not only tastier but three times cheaper.

Places visited:
Santiago de Chile
Valparaiso & Viña del Mar
Puerto Montt
Puerto Varas & Frutillar
Buenos Aires
Road from Cordoba to Cafayate
Road from Cafayate to Salta
Road from Salta to Purmamarca
Iguazu Falls
Mar del Plata

This are maps of places we have been in Chile (on the first map) and Argentina on the second one.


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