Safari Story

Our safari Story – on the first day of safari we went from Arusha to the Ngorongoro Crater Reserve. During the trip (190 km ~ 4 hours) we had opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery, cultivation of various crops, including tea, coffee, rice and a couple of smaller and larger towns. Once we got to gates of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, we said goodbye to the asphalt road and, as our guide (Jonson) said, it is time for „free African massage” :).

AFRYKA SONY1 345   Afryka-Nikon-248

After a while we reached the first viewpoint (~2300 meters) on the „crater” – although a little hazy, impressive, – „now we’re going down there,” said Jonson. Already during downhill ride to the crater we had the first close meeting with animals that literally jumped out of bush right in front of our car – but driver was watchful :).

As soon as we get to the crater, came time to raise a roof of car and start „proper” safari. Surrounded by zebras, wildebeest, antelope and other animals that enjoyed the lush green grass, we ate lunch.

Ngorongoro Crater_Panorama4

In Ngorongoro Crater we can’t leave designated roads, so wanting to see the big five we had to strain our eyes in searching of them or be lucky to find them by the roadside. In that way we were able to spot the Black Rhino and African Buffalo, at a distance, but we spot them! Then we tried to get as close as possible, obligated to use  only designated roads, there was not much we could do. Here also we have repeatedly seen resting lions and walking elephants. (4/5 of Big Five seen). At the end of the day we visited pond with hippos and then returned to hotel at sunset. Famous Lake Magadi with pink flamingos, we could only admire from a distance (and here we regret that we don’t have lens 500 mm). 

AFRYKA-SONY1-721The next day we took a safari to the Serengeti Park, where we were allowed off-road, in other words, as soon as we saw something interesting we could come very close to it (2-3 m). We had a chance to see there a lot of giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, hyenas, vultures feeding on carrion and families of lions resting in the sun. All that time Jonson was telling us interesting facts about wild animals and their habits. After a few hours of driving we noticed in the distance a lot of safari vehicles in one place observing „something”, it turned out that in a distance of 100-150 m a cheetah was stalking in the direction of the herd of antelope… After less than a minute after our arrival, cheetah moved to attack, incredible speed and agility of the cheetah gave no chance antelopes. After hunting cheetah was so exhausted that had to rest for a few minutes before was able to eat the prey. An incredible mixof experience and views that we have witnessed, will remain in our memory forever.


The next day we went to Lake Ndutu area, where you can meet a lot of elephants, as well as many types of birds including pink flamingos. Unfortunately, because of increased rain at this time of year, most of flamingos flew to Kenya, but there were tons of  Elephants :). At noon we left gates of the reserve and drove to town Moshi, where on the next day we begin our Kilimanjaro adventure


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