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Lisbon – Top Attractions
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And what to see in this Lisbon?

# Tram 28 (The famous yellow tram 28) – Attraction by itself, climate and the style. At the same time it can take You to many other attractions, check the route on a map or visit the official website, CAUTION! at the peak of day it is  very busy and be careful of pickpockets in it.

#Alfama – The oldest district in Lisbon, you can find interesting places walking around its narrow streets, beautiful view on the district from a viewing point Portas Do Sol.

# Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa (Se de Lisboa)  – Lisbon Cathedral, the oldest Catholic church built in 1147, a very popular tourist destination, if you want to get a good picture we recommend to go there in the morning.

# Portas do sol – viewing point on the districts of Alfama, a great place to enjoy the sunrise.

# Castelo de Sao Jorge – The ruins of the castle, now primarily a nice viewing point on Lisbon, a good landmark from which you can see most of the attractions of Lisbon. Go there in the first day, it will make Your tour easier.

#Praça do Rossio (Praça de dom Pedro IV) – The market in the center of Lisbon, a good place to see the characteristic cobble stone arranged in waves.

# Elevador de Santa Justa  – It is a kind of elevator that connects the lower streets of Baixa situated above the Largo do Carmo. An interesting design idea and the fact that this is a very good viewpoint makes it a popular place visited by tourists. We did not wait in line to go up, you can go by yourself and use the observation deck for just 1.5 euros.

# Convento da Ordem do Carmo – The ruins of the temple destroyed during the massive earthquake 1755, traces of which are still visible today and that changed the architecture of modern Lisbon.

# Praca do Comercio (Terreiro do Paco) – Type of market with cafes, shops and lots of space. This can be the place to admire the bridge 25 of April, you can start a walk along the promenade, you can take tram 28 and go on a journey through the city, or you can watch the tourist hubbub under the arch Arco da Rua Augusta.

# Arco da Rua Augusta – If you want to make an interesting picture you can try to catch two, yellow, passing trams with arch in the background. Photo is possible to do from the street R. Augustus and only in the early morning, when most of the city is still asleep.

# Rio Tejo – Tagus – a vast river in Lisbon, the longest in Portugal and Spain. You can take the short trip across the river, or take a walk along the promenade from the Cais do Sodre to Praça do Comércio, or sit on the bank of the river and watch beautiful sunrise or sunset.

# 25 de Abril Bridge (The 25th April bridge) – you can confused it with the San Francisco :). Apparently the best view of the bridge is on the other side of the river from the statue of Christ the King (Cristo Rei Christ Statue). We did not check it, because we took beautiful pictures from this side of the river.

# Bairro Alto – Nice quarter, which wakes up at night and it’s full of life at night. It is worth to go there and by the way photograph (or ride) the elevator Bica (Elevador da Bica).

# Elevador da Bica – Elevator tram, Lisbon „the best of”. Beautiful photos can be done in the afternoon, when the sun illuminates the colorful streets.

# Torre de BelemDefense tower, later used as a prison. Interesting fact is that after the earthquake in 1755 was moved from the middle of the river Tejo on its shore. NOTE first queue is to the ticket offices, then the second  to underground, the third to tower and the fourth to the exit. LOL

# Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Jeronimos Monastery. A large complex of buildings and interesting architecture. Please note that a very large queue!

# Museu Nacional dos Coches The world’s largest museum of carriages. Unusual art collection is impressive. Currently, relocated to a new building. Extra charge 2 euros you can also see the old museum, which, despite only 3 carriages is interesting in itself.

What is NOT worth in Lisbon

# Mosteiro dos Jerónimos – If you are not architectural freaks, do not waste time standing in a line, you can make photos more beautiful from the outside. For saved time and money buy some  wine, Pastel de nata and do a picnic at the Torre de Belem.

Tram 28 – Ride in rush hour, you will more stand in one place than go, the tram people packed in like sardines. Better walk.

# HOP on HOP off BUS – We check it in Sintra, our first and last time, not worth, the queue for the bus at the stop is huge. Buses stuffed to the brim with tourists from first stop, near the railway station in Sintra, they do not stop at the next. Do NOT buy a daily ticket because you probably will not be able to get a second time on the bus.


There is a plenty other attractions, we did not had a time but it might be worth??

# Museu Nacional do Azulejo – Museum of ceramics.

# Padrão dos Descobrimentos – Monument of explorers, unfortunately, was under renovation during our visit.

# Pasteis de Belem – Bakery with good cookies Pastel de nata, the same cookies can be tasted in the whole of Lisbon, but there – apparently – are the most delicious. Only if these queue were smaller…

# Vasco da Gama Ponte – The longest bridge in Europe.

# Aqueduto das Águas Livres – aqueducts.

# Miradouro da Senhora do Monte – Viewpoint northeast of Lisbon, perhaps good for watching the sunset over Lisbon or night skyline?


Lisbon neighborhood


# Quinta da Regaleira– The main attraction here are tunnels connecting different places in the park.

# Parque e Palácio Nacional da Pena – The castle, which definitely stands out from the others.

# Castelo dos Mouros – Almost like a Wall of China, just a little smaller.

# Cabo da Roca – The westernmost extent of continental Europe.


The beaches


# Praia de Algés Quiet, small local beach, not visited by tourists, very close to Lisbon.

# Praia de Carcavelos – Large beach, lots of tourist, near Lisbon.

# CascaisSmall town with beaches and a convenient train ride from Lisbon, about 40 minutes ride.

# Praia da Ursa – JUST beautiful, almost private beach. not easy access, but it just make it better.

# Praia Grande do Guincho i Praia da Crismina – Beaches very far from the city, we took the train to Cascais and from there bicycles along the ocean on the bike path. very beautiful, but very windy, perfect for kitesurfing.



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